InTouch : NZ Job Expo in South Africa Attracts Thousands

The first ‘Opportunities New Zealand Expo’ held in South Africa has been successful for employers trying to recruit internationally, with more than 6500 well-qualified potential migrants attending the Johannesburg event.
Navman and other key employers and recruitment consultants in the IT, healthcare and engineering sectors have been struggling to find the people they need to fill their skills shortages in New Zealand. They hoped the South Africa expo would help fill range of positions from software designers to registered nurses, engineers and radiographers.
For first-time Opportunities New Zealand Expo attendee, Navman, the event was success and the navigation technology company has now decided to go to the expo in London in October.
“It’s great recruitment tool as well as good for our brand recognition. The majority of people had started the visa process, some of whom we’re going through the process of interviewing,” says Navman human resources manager Kirsty Rutledge-Malyon.
Scott Mathieson, director and co-founder of expo organisers Working In, is pleased with the response to his company’s first Opportunities New Zealand Expo in South Africa.
“Increasing numbers of New Zealand employers are looking to the growing migrant market to fill their skills shortages, and South Africans are good fit. They’re well-qualified, hard working and keen to move,” he says.
“Employers like being able to meet people face to face, and many stay on to interview them further in the days after the expo. We had excellent feedback about the quality of potential migrants.”
Working In has specialised in recruiting returning New Zealanders and new migrants to New Zealand since 1998 and works directly with Immigration New Zealand to identify skill shortages and seek recruits to fill those gaps.

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