INTOUCH : Survive 2020 and Beyond

Radical new technologies, products, processes and business models are likely to be needed if companies are going to transform from “business as usual” to “business as sustainable”. And transformation is crucial to retain current competitive advantages in world where, by 2020, energy is projected to cost at least 300 percent more than it does now.
The Scandinavian Management Group, in cooperation with the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development and Waitakere City Council, is presenting an interactive process of sharing knowledge using local and Scandinavian expertise. It will challenge top decision makers to apply learning and principles to create sustainable business models which will see their organisations become more inspirational, energetic places to work where relationships with staff, customers and suppliers all improve.
It’s not that hard to do – but it does require strong, clear leadership. This one-day seminar on 8 April in Auckland will feature top local speakers and the Canberra-based Swedish ambassador Karin Ehnbom-Palmquist.

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