Introducing the Chartered Manager

In move to raise the proficiency of its managers, the British Chartered Management Institute has come up with professional designation for them – Chartered Manager. They have introduced the certification as part of wide-ranging programme of actions designed to meet “the nation’s need for greater productivity and better management”.
Both private and public sector leaders have embraced the idea “with the aim of raising management performance”, according to the press reports released at the launch.
The Chartered Manager, is, according to the Institute’s chief executive Mary Chapman, new hallmark that also recognises management as profession in its own right.
According to research there are about 4.5 million managers in Britain, and 36 percent of organisations say that their managers are not sufficiently skilled.
Ivan Lewis MP, Minister for Adult Skills, keynote speaker at the launch says, “There is compelling evidence of management skills shortages hampering business. Chartered Manager is vital step towards maintaining up-to-the-minute skills in the workplace and tackling this longstanding issue. That is why Chartered Manager is supported in the Government’s Skills Strategy White Paper.”
The Chartered Manager programme is designed to help employers benchmark individual performance in the workplace. It tests leadership skill-sets and was launched after the completion of pilot scheme in which 70 managers from organisations such as Shell, Rolls-Royce and the National Probation Service, participated.
Managers will only be able to retain Chartered Manager status by demonstrating commitment to continuing professional development through reassessment process.
According to Clive Mather, chairman of Shell UK, “The concept of Chartered Manager sends out the clear message that to become successful manager individuals must engage in continuing personal development. It is an invaluable tool for building leadership and management competencies.”

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