JUST GOOD BUSINESS BUZZ : Chasing clean billions

Investment in clean energy has held up better than anticipated through the recession but it will have to ramp up lot higher if the world is to move to low-carbon energy infrastructure.
Two reports released recently at the World Economic Forum reveal both the current state of green investing and the level needed if the increase in global average temperatures is to be kept within the magic 2˚C: around US$500 billion year. The authors warn that in the light of significant financing gap, there is an urgent need for policymakers worldwide to implement measures at regional, national and sub-national level to encourage the flow of money into clean energy technology and projects. It provides toolkit of 35 different policy mechanisms which can be used to promote various clean energy sectors – depending on the state of technological and economic development.
Full report at: http:/www.weforum.org/en/media/publications/climatereports/index.htm

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