Kiwis trust eco label

This contrasts with international scepticism about “green labelling”. 

The latest Reader’s Digest ‘Trusted Brands Survey’ shows 75 percent of European consumers do not believe brands that are claiming to be environmentally friendly.

The Colmar Brunton survey also found that Environmental Choice had similar rating here to the high-profile American-originated Energy Star brand, for being the “strongest environmental guarantee”. 

In representative sample of over 1000 people, around two-thirds (62 percent) of those who had heard of the Environmental Choice New Zealand logo said they would be more likely to choose brand that carried the logo. 

Owned by the Government, and operated by an independent trust, the Environmental Choice seal is used on around 2500 products or services. 

In 2008, the New Zealand label was also named in UK government study as among the world’s top three environmental labels for the strength of its assessment standards.   

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