Korea picks 2012’s 10 hot techs

It picked them all for their innovation, market prospects and potential to be commercialised within three years.

SERI reckons the following 10 promising technologies will be snapped up in the coming year.

Web-based application (app) technology.

Big data analytics.

Speech recognition technology: the next-generation input technology after touch screens.

Flexible display technology.


Healthcare technology, including stem cells.

Intelligent imaging technology.

Microneedle patches.

Large capacity lithium air batteries: which are attracting attention as next-generation batteries.

Small nuclear reactor technology.

SERI says three key ideas popped up when its people were compiling the list.

“First, software and materials technologies are leading innovation. Of the 10 technologies, nine are based on them.

“Second, the focus has shifted from suppliers to consumers, prompting aggressive attempts to drastically improve user convenience or create new uses.

“Third, Korea and China have joined the competition for development of frontier technologies, which had been the exclusive territory of the US, Europe, and Japan. Korea excels in displays and stem cells, while China is strong in energy and biotechnology.”


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