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I have just read your editorial in the latest Management magazine and found myself reacting strongly to your final paragraph, “Who knows? Twenty years on, this year’s NZIM/Eagle Technology Young Executive of the Year Award winner could be passing on their words of advice to the next crop of young managers.”
As 33 year old national director I resent the implication that someone is only suitable to provide words of advice once they have 20 years of experience. It is patronising to suggest that the future Young Executive of the Year winner will not be capable of dispensing words of advice now (as implied). I can see that you were attempting to draw the two elements of your letter together as conclusion, but in my opinion it has resulted in some clumsy reading.
To put my money where my mouth is, here is my brief advice. Number one: know the people you deal with well. Discover what motivates, what challenges, what they hate doing, what they want to achieve. Always work on developing relationships. Then when it comes to sharing the vision, you can personalise it for increased uptake, when change is required, you have the trust and understanding to move ahead, and when staff member is struggling, you can react appropriately in extending care.
Mark Brown, national director
Scripture Union in New Zealand

Thanks for sharing your reaction – and for your words of wisdom. I can see where you’re coming from but the article that I was referring to in my editorial was focusing on advice from an older crop of executives and the final comment was meant in that spirit. – Ed

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