Letters: Pushing the boundaries

Ruth Le Pla’s article Outward Bound®: Why leaders need to get physical, (Management September 2002) raises some interesting issues. For example, why do senior managers continually need to take tough look at themselves, explore how they can improve their own performance and grow as people?

It is interesting to note, perhaps due to our targeting, that the biggest response to our new leadership programme, has been the tier of emerging leaders – the people an organisation is preparing to give extra challenge to and expect more leadership from.

With organisational structures that now focus more on teamwork and individual initiative than hierarchy and control, it is great to see your publication’s ongoing emphasis on what is perhaps the most malleable and elastic resource – people. Getting the most from your people is challenging – but it can be hugely rewarding for both them as individuals and for the business. Passionate people and successful business go hand in hand.
Darren Quirk
Corporate customer manager
Outward Bound

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