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The weekly newsletter for thought leaders 15th October 2010

A flicker of economic confidence

In contrast to most other indicators released recently, the results of the BNZ Confidence Survey undertaken this week show an improvement in business sentiment. net 18% expect the economy to get better over the coming year, turnaround from net 1% expecting deterioration two months ago. However, BNZ chief economist Tony Alexander concedes this rebound in sentiment is not all that apparent from comments about respondents’ own particular sectors, which the BNZ has summarised.
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Retail spending flat

Yesterday’s weaker-than-expected retail sales statistics is positive development for government wanting to encourage exports and discourage domestic consumption in its attempts to rebalance the economy, says economic commentator Bob Edlin. But it was negative number in the forex markets and an immediate reflex action saw the dollar ease as analysts anticipated interest rates staying on hold for longer.
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New recruitment section

Executive Update is introducing recruitment section this week. Management job vacancies are listed under Executive Opportunities in the right hand column of this newsletter. Click through on the job title for further information. If you would like to advertise job on Executive Update please email [email protected] or contact Clara Iqbal on 021 930 887. Read more »

Cracking the glass ceiling

Despite great deal of energy spent on trying to balance the gender make up of senior management teams – including countless well-intentioned mentoring programmes for high-potential professional women – men still receive more promotions than women. How can women overcome these odds?
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Watch out U Tube – here comes TED

Anne Paton, Libraries Manager (New Zealand) for DLA Phillips Fox , is our first contributor in the draw for Flip MinoHD (RRP $379.95) pocket video camera for readers who share informative and interesting blogs, websites or online video clips with other readers of Executive Update. She’s big fan of TED (Technology Entertainment and Design), website established to disseminate ‘ideas worth spreading’. Presenters include David Cameron, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Google founders Sergey Brin and Larry Page, and many Nobel Prize winners.
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Business benefits of privacy

Privacy Week (13-17 May) is a great time to consider the importance of privacy and to help ensure you and your company have good privacy practices in place, writes Privacy

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