Money and jobs stress Kiwis

Their responses form part of global study of more than 16,000 professionals which looked at stress levels in people’s lives, the main reasons for stress and possible solutions.
According to Regus, the top causes of stress in NZ are either workplace or finance related, with 54 percent citing customers as the reason, 51 percent saying it is personal finances and 39 percent saying their job is the top source.

Factors related to home life rate much lower, with 21 percent of respondents saying their partner/spouse creates stress for them, and only 18 percent saying their children are cause.
Commonly cited causes of work-related stress include long hours, heavy workloads, job insecurity and interpersonal conflicts.

When asked about how stress could be reduced, 77 percent of NZ respondents identified that one way to cut stress is through flexible working. People also believe this is key method for businesses to save on costs (41 percent) and to help to improve productivity (77 percent), thereby enhancing job security.

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