Fletcher Building
Jonathan Ling, CEO

“Fletcher Building has been around in some shape or form for 101 years, and you can only build business that survives that long if it is able to deal openly and honestly with its customers, suppliers, and staff.
“We are here for the long term – hopefully another century at least – and having strongly positive reputation in the wider community is good business and will help to ensure we do survive even in tough times.
“Having great reputation is part of what needs to be done to build sustainable organisation – one that continues to evolve to meet the market.”

Fisher & Paykel Healthcare
Michael Daniell, CEO

“We’re in the medical devices business, so our reputation is important for our business. Reputation is important to us, because we have lot of stakeholders – the shareholders first and foremost. Also it’s important for consumers and staff, to be seen as good quality business, especially as we’re looking to recruit and attract the best people.
“Our strategies come naturally right from the founders more than 75 years ago. We are company that goes out of its way to behave ethically and honestly – it’s part of our DNA, as opposed to being conscious strategy.
“Having good reputation serves us well with shareholders, customers and staff.”

Andrew Ferrier, CEO

“Fonterra is really performing. We are growing export earnings, we are investing in New Zealand and about to deliver the second best ever payout to shareholders this year. We are delivering on our vision to take Kiwi farmers’ milk to the world, to maximise returns to them and New Zealand, and do it as sustainably as we can with scale and quality.
“For us, reputation is vital. We are in the food business and our whole business is built on our reputation for quality, reliability and trustworthiness.
“Over the past 18 months we have been through thorough process with 300 of our employees to clarify and refresh our values. These values, ‘Co-operative Spirit’, and ‘Do What’s Right’, are at the core of everything we do, while ‘Challenging Boundaries’ and ‘Make It Happen’ promote innovative thinking and basis for action.”

Beca Group
Keith Reynolds, CEO

“Our reputation is crucial to our business. Engineering projects are often unique, large-scale and enduring with an inherent degree of risk.
“It is imperative that clients feel confident that Beca’s planning, project management and technical advice can deliver the appropriate solutions not only in terms of functionality, but also with regard to safety, value and sustainability.
“Beca’s reputation as trusted adviser facilitates recruitment and retention of the best people in our field, attracts premium projects, helps us build long-term relationships with our key clients and helped insure us against the latest recession.”

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