‘Most Reputable’ organisations do their bit for Canterbury fundraiser

Senior executives from Air New Zealand, NZ Police, Kiwibank, and the Salvation Army gathered in Auckland for presentation to mark their taking top honours in New Zealand’s first Most Reputable Organisations survey, conducted by international consultancy Hay Group in association with NZ Management magazine.

Showing some of the leadership spirit that secured their ‘Most Reputable’ positions, Rob Fyfe, CEO of Air New Zealand, New Zealand’s most reputable company and organisation, Howard Broad, Commissioner of NZ Police, most reputable government organisation, and Gavin Law, senior Auckland Central business manager for Kiwibank, most reputable SOE, all volunteered to keep their certificates but donate their bottles of champagne to raise funds for Christchurch’s quake victims.

All three autographed bottle each and fourth was signed by Hay Group partner Andrew Mackmurdie and NZ Management publisher Toni Myers. Major Heather Rodwell, Divisional Commander of the Northern Region for the Salvation Army, while unable to accept the champagne on behalf of her organisation, which scored highest for New Zealand’s most reputable not-for-profit organisation, was pleased that funds would be raised to assist the organisation’s efforts in Christchurch.

Louis Roederer has been synonymous with the world’s great Champagnes since 1776. Brut Premier is the House’s flagship multi-vintage Champagne and its most popular and best-selling wine.

If you would like to make an offer for one of more of these bottles email [email protected], indicating which signed bottles you would like to bid for. Bids must be $80 or over to be accepted. You will be notified if you are outbid and offered the opportunity to rebid. Bidding will close at 5pm on Wednesday September 29. Bottles will be couriered to winners at no charge provided they are located within New Zealand.

The full results of New Zealand’s Most Reputable organisation study, including interviews with winners and finalists, are available in this month’s NZ Management. The results can also be found at www.management.co.nz.

Video clips of the organisations receiving their awards can be viewed here:

Air New Zealand: New Zealand’s Most Reputable Organisation. Also acknowledged as NZ’s Most Reputable Company.

NZ Police: New Zealand’s Most Reputable Government Department.

NZ Salvation Army: New Zealand’s Most Reputable Not For Profit.

Kiwibank: New Zealand’s Most Reputable State Owned Enterprise.


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