NZ’s Most Reputable company finalists

Air New Zealand
Rob Fyfe, CEO
At Air New Zealand we’ve worked hard to turn the traditional airline model on its head and centre our business on people, rather than planes. We have engaged our people to bring our culture and brand to life for our customers so that when passengers engage with us – before, during and after their flight – they experience genuine Kiwi personality and service that’s reflective of what makes New Zealand and New Zealanders special.
In order to achieve this we need 11,000 Air New Zealanders to make the right decisions and have the right conversations with our customers every day. It’s not easy; and it’s certainly not something you’ll find prescribed in text book. The key has been to unshackle our staff and allow them to be themselves and let their own personalities shine – while still maintaining the highest levels of professionalism.
The benefits for our business have been substantial. Air New Zealand is now consistently recognised as being one of the best performing, most innovative airlines in the world.

Andrew Ferrier, CEO
Everything we do in Fonterra is based on four values. Two of our values speak on what we need to do to perform – ‘Challenge Boundaries’ and ‘Make it Happen’. And two of our values speak to how we want to work. It is these two ‘from the heart’ values that are the cornerstone to Fonterra’s culture. These are ‘Do What’s Right’ and ‘Cooperative Spirit’.
“Do What’s Right” means, simply, work with honesty and integrity. Never compromise doing what’s right for profits. Be honest and forthright. And be humble.
Cooperative spirit pulls out of the richness of our team from our farmers who farm our milk, to our people all over the world. It is our people, and their ability to work together as team, that really distinguishes Fonterra and allows us to continue to increase on our leadership in the global dairy market.
Results are important, and are part of corporate reputation. But how you go about achieving those results are key to long term success. At Fonterra, we are tremendously proud about our values and our culture, and we know beyond shadow of doubt that these values will continue to ensure that we deliver on the results.

Fletcher Building
Jonathan Ling, CEO
At Fletcher Building, we have heritage that stretches back over 100 years. Our success as company over that time has been built on constructive, enduring relationships within the company and with our stakeholders.
We have set of values which promotes individual and team creativity, mutual respect, commitment and focus on achieving results.
We care about the world in which we work, and understand that what we do has major impact on the communities in which we live. So for us, providing outstanding products, excellent service, and mutually beneficial business partnerships is crucial for our reputation and for our long-term success.

ASB New Zealand
Barbara Chapman, CEO
As leading New Zealand financial institution for 164 years, ASB has always taken long-term view of our responsibilities as corporate citizen. Our core values of integrity, caring, ambition and passion are ingrained in our culture, forming the strong foundation upon which ASB is based and guiding our people’s interactions with our customers every day.
Maintaining great reputation requires singular vision to do the right thing, strong leadership, and an absolute organisation-wide commitment to your customers and community. We never take our reputation for granted – while it is the result of years of commitment by ASB people to doing the right thing, we understand the need to be flexible and innovative, constantly challenging ourselves to exceed our customers’ expectations and make positive difference in the communities in which we operate.
The benefits of strong reputation cannot be underestimated – it’s the foundation we compete in the market on, and the basis upon which lifelong customer relationships, and therefore sustainable, profitable businesses like ASB, are built.

The Warehouse
Mark Powell, CEO
The Warehouse is an iconic New Zealand business and has become vital part of Kiwi communities not just because we offer customers great value every day, but because being responsible about the way we operate is part of our DNA, and has been from the very beginning, from the influence of our founder Sir Stephen Tindall. We care about our people and the communities in which we operate, and believe that business is about making everyone better off.
As low-cost retailer, we’re conscious of the impacts of consumerism, and that lot of what we sell is imported. We’re continuously investing to create more sustainable business by reducing waste, improving energy efficiency and auditing our supply chain in China to improve product standards as well as working conditions for those who make our goods.
Our reputation reflects the way we operate, which is part of who we are, and we’ve proved that it’s good for business. Becoming more sustainable lowers cost and improves quality, creating even better value for everyone; our customers, our team, our suppliers and our shareholders.

Russell Stanners, CEO
Vodafone is about connecting people and it is through this connected world that we have been building our reputation since we came to New Zealand in 1998.
Reputation is about identity. It is about who we are and what people think of us. It is more than just what we say and do; it is about how people feel. The core of Vodafone’s reputation is in our passionate and highly engaged people who believe in our company and what we stand for. Our unique culture of openness and honesty is what we represent externally with our customers, partners, stakeholders and in our strong ties to the community.
I am proud to lead company whose winning performance shows why great reputation is key. Our success means we will keep investing and innovating in New Zealand so that we can continue to inspire our people and our customers.

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