Professional Development Guide – May 2012

Employers and Manufacturers Association (Northern)
At EMA Learning we strive to help you and your people succeed and believe that our relationships are built on experience, excellence and innovation. We take pride in working closely with our community and we continue to invest in interactive programmes that bring new skills and opportunities.
EMA Learning offers courses of excellent quality in wide range of topics covering Management, HR, Health and Safety, National Certificates, Personal Development and Leadership. Our trainers are all highly knowledgeable in their fields of expertise and are skilled in presenting the course information.
For those with unique requirements, we are able to deliver Tailored Training at your premises, with guaranteed relevance and reward – programme is written specifically for your business needs and situation, and delivered at your place of business.
With over 10,000 attendees on our courses, conference, events, e-learning and tailored training, we are New Zealand’s business trainer of choice.
Train with us today, use what you learn tomorrow and see your business grow.

Private Bag 92066, Victoria Street West, Auckland 1142
159 Khyber Pass Road, Grafton, Auckland 1023
Other campus address: Hamilton (See website)
Email: [email protected], Website: Visited 9 times, 1 visit(s) today

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