RWC business opportunities

“Rugby World Cup 2011 provides trade opportunities with number of markets,” says Sara Reyes, the chamber’s international manager. “Each country has unqiue business opportunities and many have attractive trade agreements that deliver positive outcomes for both parties.”

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The Auckland Chamber of Commerce is also running ASEAN and China Business Leaders Forums to help capitalise on preferential access that New Zealand traders have in these markets. With combined population of 600 million people, the ASEAN Australia New Zealand Free Trade Area is one of our most lucrative free trade agreements and covers trade between 12 countries. Major ASEAN markets include Thailand, Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, Viet Nam and Indonesia.

For New Zealand exporters to be successful in ASEAN markets, it is important to choose the right local partner, understand the local business culture and customer needs, the chamber says. The ASEAN Business Leaders Forum has been established to help new and emerging traders to establish networks and relationships and gain the local knowledge that will increase their chances of business success in South East Asia. The next meeting of the ASEAN Business Leaders Forum is being held on Wednesday 28th September.

The China Business Leaders Forum is on Friday October 7 and will involve breakfast discussion with business leaders looking to grow ties between New Zealand and China and will explore the challenges and opportunities involved in trading with China.

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