Smarter, greener cities

Over that same period, it’s estimated those cities will spend massive US$350 trillion on urban infrastructure including transport, power, buildings, water and waste systems. new study, Reinventing the city to combat climate change, from the World Wide Fund for Nature and Booz & Company concludes that cities must:
• adopt aggressive energy reduction plans and goals for both new and existing infrastructure;
• invest in cutting-edge technology advances;
• implement innovative financing strategies.

The analysis suggests that costs can be saved by making up-front investments in leading-edge, lower-carbon technologies. Spending US$22 trillion on clean technology now could save net US$33 trillion over the lifetime of all that infrastructure and reduce emissions by up to half.

Need hand to make this happen? Well – IBM has come up with simcity game designed to help solve real-world business, environmental and logistical problems. Players can learn how technology can revolutionise energy/infrastructure industries, explore ways to accelerate process change, integrate with trading partners, and control costs with flexible IT infrastructure.

Click here for CityOne: Smarter Planet game

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