Sound Familiar?

The research categorises the over 50s in New Zealand as Giving Grandparents; Aged Adolescents; Would be Wealthies; Unprepared Unemployed.
The 50 to 65-year-old Would be Wealthies are under stress. This is segment of the $50,000 to $99,000 income group that is under pressure; struggling to pay for late onset children, concerned about job stability, trying to save for retirement, and worried about the potential drop in their standard of living as they head into retirement.
This group enjoys busy social calendar and demands travel and new experiences. Yet transition planning is high on their agenda, which means juggling with mortgage repayments, paying for expensive teenagers and saving for retirement. Many of these people see the prospect of fairly comfortable retirement vanishing.
The Giving Grandparents are ageing altruists with real concerns for issues which confront family, friends and younger people; Aged Adolescents are older people who want to be teenagers again; and the Unprepared Unemployed are those for whom tomorrow holds hardship.

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