Surge in six figure salaries


The latest data from New Zealand’s largest online employment website ( reveals that the IT and technology industries have the most roles advertised with salary of $100,000 or more, followed by engineering, accounting and sales, with healthcare and medical in fifth position. However, Seek’s general manager Janet Faulding says the growth is spread across wide range of industries.

Unsurprisingly, Auckland has the biggest proportion of high salary roles, more than double any other region, and experienced 25% increase in the number of $100K+ jobs in the past year. Wellington is the next biggest big payer, although at 16% its increase in six figure salaries was almost half the national average. However, in Canterbury higher paying jobs have risen 125% since August 2010, reflecting the strong demand for skilled workers in the region. This is consistent with the continued growth in new job ads, particularly in insurance and construction roles, says Faulding.

Because of the continued growth in this salary category, Seek has launched dedicated $100K+ section of its website to provide jobseekers with direct route to those top paying roles.



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