Talent time bomb to hit NZ/Australia

The company has just released Global Leadership study compiled from 1.5 million psychometric assessments completed by graduates, managers, executives and professionals from 37 countries over five years to 2011.

It finds that the top five countries providing today’s leaders include Hong Kong, Germany, the UK, Australia and the US. New Zealand comes in at tenth place.

But, when looking at where leaders of the future will be developed, Mexico, Turkey, Egypt, Switzerland and Brazil top the list. Neither New Zealand nor Australia rank within the top 25 countries.

Stephanie Christopher, managing director for SHL Australia and New Zealand, says employers urgently need to focus on identifying and developing the leaders of the future.

Most organisations already have comprehensive training and development programmes designed to guide selected employees into more senior positions.

However, according to Christopher, employers should be wary of performance-based selection processes as not all high performers have what it takes to be leader and employees with key leadership abilities could be overlooked.

“Employers need to correctly identify their cohort of potential leaders to ensure the training and development programmes are delivering high level of results by effectively supporting the right employees to fulfil their potential,” says Christopher.

SHL will be presenting more on New Zealand’s ‘talent time bomb’ and the future of leadership in this country at seminar next week.

NZ Management magazine’s upcoming November issue puts the spotlight on talent management. comprehensive series of features will cover best practice approaches to recruiting, retaining and rewarding the best employees in the current environment. Plus guide to professional development details opportunities for current and aspiring senior executives.

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