TOP 200 AWAARDS Deloitte Emerging Enterprise of the Year

WINNER Snowy Peak
South Island environment-focused fashion house Snowy Peak is reaching for the stars. After 21 years of inspirational leadership, hard fought, innovative and design-driven growth this manufacturer of high quality natural fibre knitwear and other natural products, is just hitting its straps. With its Untouched World brand, Snowy Peak has moved beyond fashion clothing to include natural cosmetics, eco-tourism and an organic restaurant in its product portfolio. The company wants to be world leader in sustainable development in everything it does. It strives for passionate leadership and clear strategic thinking. And the approach is delivering results. Snowy Peak believes it is at “the front of new wave” of growth and global acceptance is based on freshness, strength and authenticity of the Untouched World brand, design, quality and sustainable values. The company is now putting in place the infrastructure to ensure it meets the tough realities of market demand that will come with additional global recognition and success.

Academic Colleges Group
Auckland-based Academic Colleges Group is one of New Zealand’s smartest emerging enterprises. This educational services provider is both committed to and delivering unique and dynamic learning experience for students from about 30 different countries. At time when some of New Zealand’s international education providers have fallen by the wayside, ACG is setting the highest professional standards of education delivery. It is growing its business base with innovative approaches to school management and the development of variety of educational pathways that lead graduates to university education options. Established in 1993 with its Senior College, the company has expanded its offerings to include Junior College, the ACG New Zealand International College, Business School, Norton College, Strathallan and English language schools. It is now New Zealand’s largest independent provider of education services.

Comvita’s success in the international natural health products market is honey of story. This almost $20 million year business is no fly-by-nighter. It is built on the natural health products derived from honeybees and the Asian market in particular is lapping it up. The company now has offices in Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan and made its first major export sale to China earlier this year. Comvita was also named New Zealand’s Consumer Products Exporter of the Year in June. About 75 percent of the company’s products now end up in offshore markets, and sales to Australia have literally been flying out of the country. The company is evolving from being just another New Zealand exporter to becoming an international marketer. To help it finance its expansion Comvita last year listed its shares on the small company NZAX market and attracted 130 new shareholders into the business. This looks like being one of the sweetest of New Zealand’s emerging enterprise success stories.

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