TOP 200: Emerging Enterprise of the Year

Software of Excellence International (SOEI) is good example of the “find market niche and excel in it” recipe for New Zealand business success.

Its particular niche is dentistry and proof of excellence is that its Exact software is now the fastest selling dental software in the United Kingdom. The fact that the UK accounts for some 75 percent of the company’s business makes SOEI “unique as New Zealand listed company” says company chair Jim Syme. That plus its increasing penetration into Australia (where around half of all dental training institutes use the company’s product), Singapore, the United States and Malaysia also helped the company earn top place amongst “emerging company” entrants to this year’s Top 200 awards.

SOEI prides itself on its ability to work closely with its customers which led to pioneering of computer applications to dentistry – including PC-based digital x-rays and dental imaging. Its “patient-centric” software also has bundle of features that help dentists both improve and personalise client care.

It first entered the UK market in 1995 as part of its efforts to drive the second wave of industry computerisation. factor of its ongoing growth there is the success of its “cost of ownership” programme which aims to continually reduce support costs through software improvements.

SOEI has also made sure that its own structure is geared to support growth. Executive director Paul Weatherly says the company constantly evaluates its own resources to ensure it is not only achieving sales growth but “putting in place the infrastructure, systems, management and people [to] effectively handle the pressures growth creates”.



Software of Excellence International
Software of Excellence is New Zealand dental software company determined to take big bite of the world market. Sales of its Windows-based products into the United Kingdom dental health sector now account for 75 percent of the company’s business. little over 18 months ago the company listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange and, while the financial results haven’t been as good as expected, the judges felt this is just the kind of emerging enterprise that needs to be encouraged. Software of Excellence is now successfully selling its dental software solutions into Australia, Asia and the United States. The company is tightly focused and committed to ensuring that its products remain at the forefront of industry offerings in terms of reliability, features and performance.


Delica New Zealand
Delica New Zealand has already picked up Trade New Zealand Export Award this year. The judges were so impressed with the approach of this fast-growing international fruit and vegetable marketing company they couldn’t resist nominating it for another accolade. With $50 million in foreign exchange earnings projected to climber to $70 million this year, the company has abandoned its original business plan to “keep it small”. Now it ships asparagus, blueberries and bumper crop of 35 other products to Australia, Asia, North America and the Middle East. The company looks for export markets that show potential and then invests time and money researching and developing them. So far, with the sweet taste of success.

Christchurch-based outdoor clothing and equipment company Kathmandu is already success story in New Zealand. Now it plans to scale new and exciting market heights in other parts of the world, particularly Australia. It has enhanced its management team this year, opened new stores and is concentrating on upgrading its internal systems. The company’s flair for design, understanding of the outdoor retail market and willingness to think outside the square had the judges nominating this dynamic design and manufacturing company as one of the three most promising emerging enterprises this year. Kathmandu last year made it into the number 19 slot on the Deloitte Fast 50 list of New Zealand most rapidly growing businesses. fashion and recreation business with flair and energy.

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