Top 200 : Marsh Most Improved Performance Award Ebos Group – Clever acquisitions

Ebos supplies range of medical, surgical, retail, dental and scientific products to the healthcare market in New Zealand and Australia and is one of the leading independent (non multinational) companies in the healthcare supplies market place. Clever acquisitions over the past year have increased revenue streams, lifted profit and blasted the business up the Top 200 list from 100th to 30th place.
Ebos’ latest annual results show 61 percent increase in annual net profit to $16.7 million with the help of trading from four acquisitions. The result includes 10 months trading of the large PRNZ (pharmaceutical distribution and logistics business) acquisition completed on August 31 last year, and the trading results of Australian businesses Tasmed, Vital Medical, and Crown Scientific, acquired during the year. Alongside the added increased revenue and earnings, comes market depth and strength (which will help insulate Ebos against economic shocks), geographic expansion, additional management talent and skills and fresh ideas.
The company has completed year-long project to upgrade its business analysis capabilities – which has sharpened the awareness of group managers on how service levels relate to sales revenue, costs and gross profit trends.
Ebos has been public company since 1960 and is now part of the NZX 50. Staff numbers have reached 940, of whom 700 are in New Zealand and 240 in Australia, managed both locally and also from the overall group headquarters in Christchurch. Ebos’ goal is to be the leading independent healthcare and related products company in New Zealand, Australia and the Pacific markets.

Ebos Group

When healthcare company Ebos Group purchased pharmaceutical, distribution and logistics business PRNZ it shot from 100th to 30th place on the Top 200 list. It was one of the biggest and boldest decisions in the company’s 80-year history. The newly created enterprise boosted the group’s after tax profit by 61 percent. It is great to see local company with long history hitting its newly designed straps. This business kicked off in Dunedin in 1922. Now it looks sets to get out there and conquer the world. great result based on bold initiative that has paid off.

Skellerup Holdings

With its restructuring almost complete, Skellerup enhanced its corporate cohesion, pared business back to the bare bones, readied to rebuild, lifted revenue for the year and increased profit performance by an eye-watering 705 percent. The company is once again globally recognised, cost effective supplier of technical polymer products. great result.


Separating Tower’s New Zealand and Australian operations has allowed the Kiwi company to focus on its local and Pacific Islands operations. The result is stronger senior management team and profit hike this year of 266 percent. It also delivered return to paying dividends after five-year break. vast improvement indeed.

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