Top business scholarship up for grabs

The scholarship is offered by Cranfield School of Management and travel costs are met by the NZ-UK Link Foundation. The scholarship is worth approximately $75,000, making it one of New Zealand’s most valuable academic prizes.  

Ivor Smith, (Cranfield MBA 2010), speaking on behalf of Cranfield alumni in New Zealand said: “The Cranfield MBA is great chance for any young professional to learn about best business practice around the world.  It’s pretty demanding experience, but New Zealanders have shone on the Cranfield course, taking some of the top honours in the recent past. 

“We are looking for graduates with more than good academic credentials. We also need applicants who have already started worthwhile management careers. The Cranfield MBA is not just about the individual study of current theory and methodology. Students, who come from all over the world, are expected to use their management experience to contribute fully to lectures and study groups and to take part in case studies from the front line.”

Scholarship winners in recent years have come from all parts of New Zealand – from the insurance, government, product development, biomedical, and infrastructure sectors.

In addition to the main scholarship which is open to anyone of New Zealand origin, Cranfield is also offering two partial scholarships for Maori, to help develop talent to boost Maori economic development.

Mark Horton, chairman of the NZ-UK Link Foundation added: “We have been delighted to support this scholarship over the years. It not only greatly benefits the individual winners but also adds to the overall quality of management available to New Zealand companies.’’ 

• Information on the full and Maori scholarships can be found at close 31st May 2013.

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