TOP TIPS : Twelve Inspiring Leadership Behaviours

The book, The Inspiring Leader was published in the United States last year. It is the culmination of four years study by Jack Zenger, Joe Folkman and Scott Edinger, of more than 200,000 responses describing 20,000 leaders in an effort to determine what makes an outstanding leader.
The book discusses many things the leadership-focused individual can do to become more inspiring leader. Here are 12 Leading suggests you apply.

1. Use emotions more frequently and be attuned to the emotions of those around you.

2. Reach out to people. Find more ways to interact with those who report to you.

3. Set an aggressive target. With the involvement of your team members, set target that will stretch the group.

4. Create vivid picture of you organisation three years from now.

5. Practise lavish communication. Take the time to be inclusive by being diligent and passing information that you collect to your colleagues.

6. Delegate tasks with the development of the other person in mind.

7. Make having personal development plan priority and review it at least twice year.

8. Schedule regular coaching sessions with each individual that reports to you.

9. Involve more people in decision making on every important issue.

10. Shower positive attention on new ideas. “no” approach to new ideas closes down creativity and innovation.

11. Be the example. Demonstrate to your colleagues by your actions what the organisation values.

12. Take the first step. Be the one to initiate changes, projects or communication that is necessary for the organisation.

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