IN TOUCH : Check in and win

Most organisations have formal review process in place for monitoring staff’s progress. However, it is important that staff wellbeing is checked more regularly than this, argues Auckland-based business coach Jhanna Culver. She recommends monthly individual ‘check-ins’ of around 15 minutes only.
Culver says this enables managers to be consistently in the loop and on the pulse of staff’s performance – their successes, challenges and outlook. “You know exactly what your staff are working on and what they are planning to work on next,” she says. “You have monthly opportunities to know what is challenging, enjoyable, successful, and even their current learning and development needs.”
Culver says the rewards of being up-to-date for manager are being able to act in the moment and nip issues in the bud to prevent any further trouble brewing. It also provides substantial base for any pending ‘official’ performance review.
She says there may be few employees who feel micro-managed or defensive about the process, but the majority of staff will feel noticed and value the time invested in them. “Accordingly, you’re laying solid foundation for an increase in productivity and ultimately, if your staff are on track, you’re on top of significant proportion of your work.”

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