UpFRONT Balancing act benefits

The benefits of paying attention to employee work/life balance were highlighted in recent Australian survey that compared outcomes for organisations that either have or have not successfully implemented work/life programmes.
The 8th Annual Work/Life Benchmarking Survey found companies with effective programmes lowered absenteeism by five percent compared to two percent; reduced staff turnover by six percent versus one percent; improved employee motivation by 16 percent against three percent; and boosted parental leave return rates by 28 percent against 13 percent.
But the survey also found that work/life balance efforts had plateaued since last year’s survey and that companies are still plagued by “long hours” culture that generates staff dissatisfaction and increases employee turnover.
The legal services industry is worst affected. More than half the surveyed organisations reported increased staff dissatisfaction and quarter recorded increased turnover.
The survey was carried out by Managing Work/Life Balance International with CCH Australia. The full survey is available from www.worklifebalance.com.au.

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