UPfront: Building ethics into HR

Ethics and human resources (HR) go hand in hand, according to recent missive from the Management Centre Europe.

MCE faculty member Nick Kelly says that in essence, most HR decisions have an ethical component and HR is the function best placed to provide guidance on ethics and police the ethical behaviour of employees.

He has some tips on how HR can rediscover the organisation’s integrity. These include:
* Finding senior person to champion such policy;
* Gaining endorsement from chairman and board;
* Using proven framework;
* Producing code of conduct;
* Promoting the code to both internal and external stakeholders;
* Making it work by demonstrating practical examples of the code in action – introducing it into training and induction courses, performance management and attitude surveys.

The aim, says Kelly, is to take ownership down to employee level – “HR may drive the code but only everyone can make it work”.

Kelly will be presenting session on ethics at the 35th Global Human Resource Management conference to be held in Venice next April.

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