UPFRONT A Cartoon History of Management

While some in the business community had tried to stop the introduction of MMP, the first election under the new system, held on 12 October 1996, did not have the dire economic consequences predicted. But it did markedly change the political landscape, with much more diverse parliament and an unprecedented delay while NZ First’s Winston Peters played ‘kingmaker’ before finally anointing National’s Jim Bolger to continue as prime minister, head of an unlikely coalition that was to exercise all his political skills. Eight years later there is considerably more nervousness in New Zealand about the outcome of the US presidential election with much incredulity and continuing concern that George W Bush, responsible for an unnecessary war and deteriorating economy, won re-election. It remains to be seen what dire economic consequences await and how the world’s political landscape will change.

Malcolm Evans, NZ Herald, 15 October 1996.

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