UPFRONT Clarification

In the 2005 Top 200 company list in the December issue of Management magazine we showed under the name Opus International Consultants Limited the actual results of the parent company. This parent company was known at December 2004 (to which period the figures were prepared) as Kinta Kellas (NZ) Ltd and was subsequently (April 2005) renamed Opus International NZ Limited.
The comparison with the prior year is correct but in 2004 we reported the results of Opus International Consultants Limited and not the New Zealand parent (Kinta Kellas [NZ] Ltd) as we should have under the qualifying rules.
In the 2005 figures, revenue in the parent and the subsidiary is the same but the parent has, by virtue of investments, loans and goodwill, significantly higher total assets and, by virtue of additional costs including interest and goodwill writedowns, significantly lower profit.
We apologise for any confusion caused.

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