UPfront: Dear Employee, We Think You’re Great!

Being valued and respected by your boss emerged as top factor in job satisfaction from recent Australian survey.

The survey also uncovered an 82 percent job dissatisfaction rate which suggests that employers are not doing quite enough to recognise and openly value workers’ efforts. More than 700 employers responded to research carried out by business consultancy Spherion Group via their website. Asked what was most important to them in their job, more than third chose “enjoying the work”, 12 percent opted for “good pay”, 15 percent for learning and development.

As to what they most liked about their employers, 38 percent chose “values and respects employees”. That was followed by “innovated and growing”, and “invests in employee growth”. Social responsibility didn’t rate too highly and being “large and profitable” was the least appealing. Only 16 percent of respondents said they were happy with their current jobs; 82 percent were not.

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