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Kiwi workers are apparently pretty content with their lot – they rate management performance positively and their levels of trust, security and overall job satisfaction are high. That’s according to major study that sampled the employment attitudes of 1000 workers across New Zealand.

The NZ Worker Representation and Participation Survey, joint effort by researchers at the University of Auckland Business School (UABS) and Massey University, was designed to gauge worker influence in today’s workplace and mirrors similar surveys in the UK and US.

It reveals that Kiwi workers are more positive than either their American or British counterparts. Almost 90 percent say they’re happy with their jobs; seven out of 10 see their current position as part of long-time career.

The study authors Peter Boxall and Peter Haynes (UABS) and Keith Macky (Massey) say their findings indicate the Employment Relations Act is working well and workplace relations are generally healthy. However they point out that these high levels of satisfaction follow period of sustained employment growth and warn that the Act has yet to be tested in more difficult economic times.

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