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CEOs and senior management now have comprehensive and less onerous tool to use when appointing their HR practitioners. The Human Resources Institute of New Zealand (HRINZ) has set up four new categories for specialist members: recruitment; training and development; employment relations; and health and safety. The Institute is also looking into extending specialist membership to include areas such as human resource information systems and remuneration.
“I suspect that CEOs and senior management simply do not have the time or inclination to wade through pile of CVs looking for that ‘right’ HR person,” says HRINZ research and development manager Peter Marshall. “They want focused approach to find the HR practitioner to match the organisation’s needs.”
Specialist members will be recognised with the letters SHRINZ after their name.
HRINZ is also issuing professional development logs from which prospective employer, subject to applicant approval, would be able to confirm the applicant’s suitability (experience-wise) for position. This CPD logbook will show ongoing professional development, that is, attendance at courses, conferences and development seminars; and relevant academic qualifications or papers achieved.
The logbook will also have ‘reflective’ section in which the member will go through process of self-evaluation and which will, to greater extent, allow members to manage their career.

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