UPFRONT Surveying business value

Senior decision-makers in New Zealand are invited to take part in the 2005 all-aboutbranding.com business value survey.
Increasingly, goodwill and other intangible assets are seen as key accountabilities for senior decision-makers. In fact, according to report from McKinsey, companies with strong brands have shareholder returns 1.9 points above their industry’s average. To test how New Zealand business makers view the strength of their intangible assets, Management magazine and brand communications company DNA Design, through allaboutbranding.com, are asking those running New Zealand businesses to judge the outcomes that branding achieves for them and the contributions it makes.
In particular, the survey seeks to know how New Zealand companies are working with intangible assets such as reputation, customer loyalty, brand and goodwill to differentiate themselves from their competitors, foster values-based cultures and maximise returns from current customers.
The New Zealand survey follows on from an international online survey carried out by the branding authority that examined critical differences in the understanding and use of branding by young companies compared with more established organisations.
The 2005 allaboutbranding.com Business Value Survey is open to senior decision-makers from organisations of all sizes at www.allaboutbranding.com/bizsurvey

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