UPfront A Switch in Time…

Tighter global job markets are forcing more people to switch from their present industry occupation to find work and probably to take cut in pay as well.

Job seekers are becoming more flexible and casting wider net than they did year ago, according to the annual Global Career Transition Study carried out by human resource consulting firm DBM. Respondents had median age of 43 (74 percent were male), reported tenure of 14 years in their previous position and included 4434 individuals from Australia and New Zealand.

Networking was cited by more than half as the best method of finding new employment opportunities. Marketing your skills is better route through tough employment market than just filling in job applications, DBM suggests.

The survey highlighted some distinct regional differences – in the US and UK workforce size contraction (downsizing) was the main reason for retrenchment whereas economies in this part of the world remain more robust. But US employees at least get the sop of bigger severance pays (3.5 weeks per year of service) than their counterparts in either the UK or Australasia.

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