UPFRONT Testing times

1 Are Contact Energy’s $90,000 donations to political parties:a) matter of concern for the company’s shareholders and therefore legitimate issue to be raised at an AGM.b) Mind your own business.

2 Do students have to get NCEA qualifications before they do Cuban course at Te Wananga o Aotearoa?

3 If ratings for Paul Holmes fall below ratings for Prime’s Brady Bunch programme would Pumpkin Patch consider sponsoring them both?

4 Take your pick. The recent ratification of the Kyoto Protocol shows New Zealand is member of the:a) Saviours of the planet brigade.b) Club for ineffectual goody-goodies.c) Neither of the above. It’s first step.

5 Is New Zealand Post considering outsourcing its snooping services to the SIS?

6 Wouldn’t the posties be bit conspicuous in their red uniforms?

7 Does the SIS head office need painting?

8 Should the nation’s senior managers mimic the New Zealand cricket team and adopt the Twenty20 dress code of the ’80s?

9 Wouldn’t all that beige dampen productivity?

10 Couldn’t we solve the obesity problem by insisting all fat people pay for their healthcare bills by carrying advertising on their stomachs?

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