UPFRONT Trust me – I’m a teleworker

After discovering that lack of trust rather than technology was big factor in the slow uptake of flexible work arrangements, Toshiba has launched guide to flexible working that aims to reduce its complexity and the mistrust in which it seems to be held.
After commissioning survey on the subject last year, Toshiba found more than half of managers and employers believed “flexible” workers are perceived as not working as hard. Nearly two-thirds of managers claimed the main hurdle to its introduction was the difficulty of managing and supervising remote staff.
So, working with companies that are successfully handling remote workers such as Westpac, Toshiba last month launched Flexible Working: Guide to Creating and Managing Flexible Workplace, which includes seven chapters covering the ‘why’, ‘who’, ‘how’ and ‘when’ questions behind flexible working.
As well as tips on managing remote workers and suggestions on how to measure the performance of employees based on productivity and business needs rather than by presence or time, there is guidance on how to gain managerial buy-in. These are illustrated with examples of companies which have been there, done that and experienced the benefits.
Ongoing talent wars suggest this is work model whose time has definitely arrived. Copies of the book are available from www.toshiba.co.nz/sig/downloads.

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