UPfront: Youth Employment to Climate Change

Those planning to be long-distance runners in the corporate world can check their fitness credentials at next month’s NZ Sustainable Business Conference 2002.

The conference being held at the Waipuna Conference Centre in Auckland on October 24-25 will cover topics ranging from business ethics and triple bottom line reporting to zero waste, the business impact of the Kyoto protocol and social responsibility in employment.

On the last, the principals of South Auckland-based Dawn Raid will tell the story of company formed three years ago as vehicle that would enable young locals to record their own music while retaining ownership of its intellectual property.

From humble beginnings selling t-shirts at Otara market, Dawn Raid now runs diverse range of businesses – including retail outlet, hairdresser and graphic design company as well as the recording studio. It also employs 20 young people and has revenue in excess of $1 million year.

Other plenary session speakers include Snowy Peak founder and CEO Peri Drysdale, who will talk about the building of her sustainable business as long-term programme rather than short-term fad. The general manager of Christchurch-based Orion Energy will explain how to redesign an electricity business for sustainability – by focusing on reducing electricity demand and therefore the need to build resource-intensive transmission lines.

Sanford’s involvement in the school partnership programme, Urgent Couriers’ approach to improved environment performance and Meridian Energy’s risk-management approach to climate change issues are also among topics being presented during the two-day conference.

Workshops sessions include topics such as energy efficiency, organics and farming, stakeholder engagement, sustainable investment, and communication and branding.

The conference is joint effort by the NZ Business Council for Sustainable Development, NZ Businesses for Social Responsibility, the NZ Centre for Business Ethics and Sustainable Development, and the Auckland Environmental Business Network.

Visit www.sustainable.org.nz for more details.

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