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The numbers using the internet to shop for Christmas climb exponentially every year. It makes sense to use the web, given the time and stress it saves. The web is also great for gift ideas. But it’s definitely only for the organised Christmas shopper. If you’re buying from overseas webtailers and want the goodies here before Christmas, order now but to be safe, check delivery times.

Here are few sites to investigate – either to buy from or simply to provide inspiration. Local options offer more certain delivery and couple of sites offer more unusual gift options.

www.pacificcollection.com I included this site for its Pacific theme. But keep it simple with this site. Don’t go looking for books or similar items because the search format is close to hopeless, unless scrolling through hundreds of book lists is your idea of entertainment. I searched for the Bone People and was returned hits for everything from Bible People to Tantric Sex for Busy People but, I’m afraid, no Bone People. It is great for Pacific-orientated crafts such as bone carvings, Maori weapons and the like. And there is good selection of other gift items. An ideal site to send offshore friends something with New Zealand or Pacific flavour.

www.amazon.com perennial favourite and undoubtedly the best known online shopping retailer. The format’s changed little over the years – why change it if it works – but Amazon has diversified its product range and now offers, in addition to its books, electronic goods, toys and games and most recently apparel and accessories. If you are looking for book, no matter how obscure, chances are Amazon will track it down for you. Average customer ratings are provided for each book and, of course, you can look at the cover and sleeve and read the first few pages. For something little different you can gift someone an Amazon online shopping voucher.

www.marchesedigenin.com This is luxury online gift shop based, I believe, in Houston. If you are looking for top quality watches, pens, office gifts, leather goods, silk scarves and ties, sunglasses – whatever – this could be the site for you. It’s not for the politically correct, the site also sells Russian Sable and Mink though these are not for the meek of wallet. full-length “Poncho Style Sable Fur” retails for tad under US$30,000.

www.wildpoppies.co.nz An online New Zealand-based flower shop that pitches itself as “a little different”. Unusual bouquets packaged in less-than-usual-ways is the motto here. See for yourself if you like the company’s ideas, customised gifts for different occasions, select by price and style.

www.toonaphoto.com Here’s an original online idea that’s probably doing very well. Send the company an email with scan or jpeg containing photograph of you/a friend/work colleague/family member or lover and you’ll be sent caricature back within 48 hours. You can specify what you want to see in the drawing or what the occasion is that you will be gifting, eg, employee of the month, and the drawing will reflect the specifications. Cost is roughly $40 and if you don’t like the finished product you don’t have to pay. You can sight examples of finished products on the site. They’re no artistic masterpieces, but hey, it’s different.

www.shopping.yahoo.com Here’s one-stop online shopping shop. If you are looking for gift ideas or links to wide range of online retailers then start here; it’s comprehensive gifts links page with everything from clothes to wedding gifts to electronic merchandise. Yahoo also has “top five” list of the currently most popular gift ideas.

www.ebay.com If you’re bargain hunter and you like auctions, then Ebay.com is the site for you. It offers veritable cornucopia of second hand goods, all selling on auction terms. You can stipulate your highest price but then bid at lower price. The site keeps you informed on the sale status of the good you want and will notify you if the bidding price has increased beyond your highest bid. There are buying and selling tips for new users, and full instructions on how to use the service on the website. And this is an established website so it’s totally safe second hand buying environment.

www.arbustus.com This company makes solid wood computer accessories! That’s right, wooden keyboards, LCD monitors and mice. Actually, the mice are quite affordable at about NZ$160 (not including P&P), but the monitors are getting up there at more like $7500. The site claims that other similar products are on offer but theirs are the only accessories made from solid wood and not just veneers. Certainly different, though I’ll admit it’s not exactly me.

www.bizgifts.com If you are looking to bulk purchase gift for large number of people, say employees, consider this site for some ideas. It claims to have 500,000 different gifts on offer. I wouldn’t vouch for the quality of some of them but orders start from about US$2.50 per item, with minimum orders usually of at least 50, depending on the gift.

Happy shopping and Merry Christmas from me.

Damon Birchfield is an Auckland-based freelance writer.
Email: [email protected]

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