Wrap-around PDA keyboard

Logitech has released its KeyCase – lightweight wrap-around fabric keyboard for Palm handhelds.

The KeyCase uses an electronic fabric known as ElekTex to provide low-profile keyboard which wraps around the handheld when not in use. KeyCase has dedicated key to select on-screen buttons, as well as quick-access keys, and select, cut, copy and paste buttons. pressure sensitive scroller provides for effortless navigation of menus and long documents.

ElekTex, developed by UK-company ElekSen, is an electronic fabric technology that can sense location on three axes – X, Y, and Z – where the Z-axis is the amount of pressure applied to the 1mm thick material. Its flexibility and ability to measure the amount of applied pressure are major advantages over previous touch technologies, such as touch pads. For more information go to www.logitech.com.

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