Big Data, Big Innovation: Enabling Competitive Differentiation through Business

US publishing house, Wiley and Company, have released a third book by Evan Stubbs, the chief analytics officer with SAS Australia and New Zealand and a board member of the Institute of Analytics Professionals of Australia.

Analytics takes readers an important step beyond the debate about managing the impact of Big Data to explain the breakthrough values it can offer for those organisations that learn how to best harness its potential.

A futurist as well as a highly accomplished data scientist, Stubbs reasons that disruption is now a permanent factor of daily business life and that much of what we have taken for granted in the past will distort and create a long era of uncertainty. Competitive threats and market risks will be increasingly hard to anticipate and businesses that fail to adapt will disappear.

A very practical ‘how to’ book, Big Data, Big Innovation explains step-by-step how organisations must apply predictive analytics, embrace a new way of leadership thinking, and align people, processes, data and technology to address the new challenges if they are to prevail and prosper. The ‘organisation’ must be replaced by the fast moving ‘intelligent enterprise’ and Stubbs shows how this is done in down-to-earth terms.

Evan Stubbs’ previous books published in the US were The Value of Business Analytics: Identifying the path to profitability in 2011 and Delivering Business Analytics; Practical guidelines for best practice in 2013  

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