Bridging the skills development gap for working professionals

In the rapidly evolving business landscape, continuous learning, development, and adaptation is crucial for working professionals aiming to remain competitive. The same can also be said for university and higher educational programmes.

Our dynamic world, along with the ever-changing needs of today’s working professionals, has meant that traditional learning structures offered by universities have begun transforming to better suit the demands and barriers encountered by current students.

Where previously university programmes have comprised inflexible learning structures, requiring students to be physically present in classrooms and lecture halls, an increase in remote or hybrid learning models is emerging. The University
of Canterbury’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) programme acknowledges the need for flexible learning options, offering a hybrid teaching model that allows students to engage in coursework either in-person or remotely, catering to the
diverse schedules and commitments of working professionals.

Another change being seen is the rise of more accessible programmes for those without prior university education.
UC’s MBA programme addresses accessibility issues by offering a pathway through its Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration, providing an entry point for those who may not have previous university education and enabling them to
progress into the full MBA programme.

Lastly, the relevance of a programme’s educational content to current business scenarios is a critical area which is now being held under a microscope. With many choices available in the market, universities need to ensure that their programme’s
content is aligned with current industry demands. The UC MBA bridges the gap between theory and practice by integrating a co-teaching model, bringing together academic and industry expertise and enabling students to apply academic theories to
real-world business challenges.

By addressing these challenges that often hinder professionals from acquiring the latest knowledge and competencies required in today’s business world, the MBA programme at UC has managed to bridge the gap in skills development and offer
a flexible, accessible, relevant, and practically-oriented education that meets evolving needs.


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