CEO cyber generals

Chief executives should lead their organisational cybersecurity programmes. CEOs and senior managers must step up to the front line in the battle against cyber-attacks, according to a new report from global consultancy, McKinsey and Company.

The risks of cyber-attacks span functions and business units, companies and customers. And given the high stakes and the challenging decisions posed by becoming cyber-resilient, CEOs and other senior managers must be actively engaged in making the decisions necessary to counter cyber invasion.

McKinsey, working with the World Economic Forum on cybersecurity, conducted global research that found time and attention spend by senior management was the single biggest driver of mature management of cybersecurity risks – more important than company size, sector and resources provided.

The research also identified four actions senior managers should take to successfully tackle cybersecurity threats. They are:

  • Actively engage in strategic decision making
  • Drive understanding of cybersecurity implications across business functions
  • Push changes in user behaviour
  • Ensure effective governance and reporting is in place.

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