Exporting and Manufacturing 2014 Election Manifestos

ManufacturingNZ and ExportNZ have released their manifestos for the 2014 election.

The manifestos make recommendations to all political parties on policies needed to support companies involved in exporting and manufacturing.

“The success of these companies is critically important for our economy and for the wellbeing of communities all over New Zealand,” ManufacturingNZ and ExportNZ Executive Director Catherine Beard said.

“We are asking all political parties to adopt policies that will help exporting and manufacturing businesses grow their competitiveness and continue to contribute to a healthy economy and community.  Successful and growing businesses in turn create more high value jobs.”

“Exporters are looking for more Free Trade Agreements and increased overseas market entry assistance, amongst other things, and manufacturers would welcome greater access to Government procurement projects and greater support for investment in R & D, innovation and design.

Exporting 2014 Election Manifesto can be downloaded here.

Manufacturing 2014 Election Manifesto can be downloaded here.




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