Insights – Championing Health and Safety with WorkSafe’s Nicole Rosie

In the third of WorkSafe New Zealand’s Insights series, Quinton Hall, Chief Executive of Ngāi Tahu Tourism chair joins CEO Nicole Rosie.

Manaakitanga (kindness), rangatiratanga (leadership) and whanaungatanga (family) are how Ngāi Tahu Tourism brings health and safety culture to life in a way that is meaningful to their business. 

Tune into WorkSafe’s latest Insights video where Chief Executive Nicole Rosie catches up with Quinton Hall, Chief Executive of Ngāi Tahu Tourism, to talk about bringing a positive health and safety culture to life in one of the fastest growing areas of productivity for New Zealand – adventure tourism.

For Quinton it’s about more than just ‘being the best’ in his business.

“When you break it down it’s about never being the best. It’s about always striving to be better than we are today. And the way I like to talk to our team is, if we think we’re the best at anything then we’re in trouble. We’re either setting a low benchmark, or we’re not aiming high enough.

“How we talk about our health and safety is never resting – we need to keep moving,” he says. 

The Insights series is designed to get business leaders talking about health and safety and will be a regular source of information and thought leadership for businesses, workers and health and safety professionals.

You can watch the full video as well as previous episodes on  or

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