Make the most of your upcoming business event with the newly launched Melbourne e-guide

The Melbourne Convention Bureau (MCB) has unveiled its latest inspiration tool – the interactive e-guide.

Connecting event planners and delegates with inspiring new and undiscovered experiences of the city, the first edition of the Melbourne e-guide showcases a snapshot into why Melbourne is a coveted destination for domestic and international conferences.

Melbourne’s e-guide is the ‘must have’ incentives planning tool. From the inspirational articles and interviews with industry experts and packaged up accessible information including some hot tips to the city, learn about what’s new in the friendly and thriving city, because whatever experience you’re looking for, Melbourne makes it easy. 

Developed following audience research taking into consideration user experience, best practice and event planners and delegates desires for short and inspiring content, readers will enjoy the guide’s rich in motion design. Animated avatars, embedded videos and gifs that offers multiple engagement points for viewers coupled with newsworthy content that engages right to the very last page.

Event owners, planners and attendees can plan their trip and activities by using the geographic and category searchable interactive map embedded within the guide. Offering videos, images, product descriptors, hyperlinks and 360-degree experiences, the interactive map assists with familiarising users about how to make the most of their time in Melbourne. In a first for MCB, this exciting new tool provides the opportunity to create custom conference and event participant tours once the user is in the city including a real time directional feature accessible via mobile phones.

Planners will be encouraged to rethink their next visit to Melbourne as they discover where to eat, play, stay, conference and most importantly, caffeinate. Diving a little deeper, thought-starter itineraries have been created where MCB has broken the city into bite size areas to help you start planning and making the most of your time in Melbourne.

The key to an extraordinary event is more than just getting the right venue and accommodation, it’s the connection between the event, the host city, and its exciting offerings.  When it comes to excitement, entertainment, accessibility, and memorable experiences, you can’t go past Melbourne for your next business event. 

Access your copy of the Melbourne e-guide here and start planning your next business event experience in Melbourne.

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