Talent galore

The talent shortage we read so much about didn’t impact the response to NZIM’s call for young directors to join its new Young Managers Advisory Board (YMAB), according to NZIM’s general manager Tait Grindley. “We’ve had some outstanding young managers stepping up to the challenge.”

Applications closed last week and NZIM now has the task of evaluating the more than 50 aspirants for the five available directorships. “We’re over the moon about the response,” says Grindley. “Being able to tap into managers of such high calibre will ensure this approach to injecting more youth and enthusiasm into the governance of NZIM gets off to a great start.”

NZIM is emulating the Australian Institute of Management which has already successfully created an advisory board for young managers. NZIM was concerned that it lacked a compelling value proposition for young managers. “In a world where training is becoming ever more commoditised and inexpensive, we had to find a way to differentiate NZIM from other training providers,” says Grindley. “We needed to create the opportunity to be the organisation that crafts and defines the future of management and leadership in New Zealand. With people as capable as those that have applied to join the new board we can do that.”

NZIM will announce the name of its YMAB board members around the end of the month (July).

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