Fit to work?

Kiwi workers believe there’s a strong link between workplace performance and staying in shape, according to HR services company Randstad. The firm’s latest Workmonitor survey suggests 70 percent of employees believe the quality of their work benefits when they exercise regularly.
Despite the latest OECD Better Life Index showing that 89 percent of New Zealanders believe they are in good health, Randstad’s Workmonitor suggests that more than one fifth (17 percent) of Kiwi workers don’t feel as if they have enough energy to go to work each day.

Unlike other countries, Kiwi workers view staying fit as a personal responsibility. A whopping 95 percent suggested maintaining a healthy lifestyle is their personal prerogative. The most likely way local workers stay fit is through organised sport outside of the office. A solid 67 percent believe playing sports is the main priority for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. To read more go to:

And Randstad’s Mobility Index, which takes a quarterly look at jobseeker confidence, climbed from 99 to 101 in Q1 2014 compared with Q1 last year, according to the company’s NZ director, Paul Robinson. It seems job security is increasing a little.

“The first quarter of this year has seen a continued rise in jobseeker confidence and mobility,” he said.
“This is largely due to high economic stability and growth within a number of sectors which is driven by the Christchurch rebuild and the increase in government construction-based projects.”

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