Lazy lookers

Some other Hays research shows almost half of all New Zealanders are open to a new job but not actively looking for it. But if employees want to secure their next job they need to be proactive and apply. 

“Social media has given professionals an opportunity to share their profile online with a global audience,” says Jason Walker, Hays New Zealand Managing Director. “But that doesn’t mean hiring employers will always search you out.  While we’ve all heard of colleagues or friends who have been contacted by a potential employer, this is not the norm for the majority of jobs. Jobseekers need to be proactive.”

Trade Me statistics show that 62 percent of New Zealanders are open to new opportunities but only 51 are actively looking. Pro-active job hunters should:

  • Identify the right recruiter: First identify the right recruiter for your role and industry. Look for an expert who recruits for your job function.
  • Sell them-selves: Know your unique selling points and be able to succinctly sell yourself to your recruiter and in interviews.
  • Update their resumes: It doesn't matter how qualified you are, or how much experience you have, if your resume is poorly presented or badly written, you're going to have trouble getting an interview. So update it as well as your online profile, and include examples of how you have contributed to your employer's workplace.
  • Watch industry trends: Stay on top of industry trends to demonstrate to employers that as your industry and business moves forward, you are moving forward with it. Join the relevant membership body or LinkedIn group, take professional development classes or volunteer for new duties to keep your technical skills up to date.
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