Travelling for work? What to pack

How do you pack your small travel bag for multiple work events/meetings and cities? By Jackie O’Fee.

I have a very successful and busy friend who travels the world for her global division-head role with a professional services organisation. She recently asked me to help pack her bag for a three-week work trip to the states, where she would be in Atlanta, Boston and New York and where the weather would vary between the cities. 

She also has a penchant for travelling with hand luggage only, something, I have to say, that as a clothing lover I am in complete
awe of.

I know that travelling for work is a big part of many of our lives, and the packing dilemma can cause added stress when preparing for
a trip. 

How do you pack your bag for multiple events/meetings and cities? The secret is to pack garments that will mix and match, dress up and dress down to cover whatever your agenda holds, and to allow for socialising and spontaneity. 

Also, it pays to remember that you really don’t have to pack something new for every day of your trip, it is perfectly acceptable to repeat outfits. 

Here’s a simple checklist.

For Women:
• A dress – a great, easy dress up/dress down staple.
• Two jackets – both of these need to work with both pairs of trou and over the dress.
• Two pair of trou – one smart, one smart-casual (could be dark denim jeans if acceptable).
• Five tops – these need to work with both your smart and smart-casual trou.
• Shoes – work shoes, heels (which may be the same) and trainers.
•Accessories – scarves, jewellery to dress your outfits up for drinks/dinner or down for a more casual day.

For men: 
• Suit (if applicable).
• Two sports jackets. 
• Two pair of trou – one smart, and one smart-casual (could be dark denim jeans).
• Three or four business shirts.
• Two polo shirts.
• Shoes for work and tidy trainers.

Packing Tips:
• Fold jackets in half lengthwise by tucking one shoulder pad inside the other
• Roll rather than fold, but add a layer of tissue paper and roll items together to minimise creasing.  
• Thermal layers don’t take up much space or add any weight but can add a layer of warmth without bulk to any outfit.
• Use packing cubes (buy at Kathmandu or online).
• Fill shoes with underwear and socks.
• Trainers (above) does not mean running shoes, if you exercise take exercise gear.  


Jackie O’Fee is the owner of personal style consultancy Signature Style. She works with both individuals and organisations. 

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