New guide to investing with Māori launched

A new guide for potential investors highlighting opportunities in the Māori economy has been launched by Economic Development Minister Simon Bridges.

Speaking at the He kai kei aku ringa – E RERE Māori economy conference in Rotorua, Bridges told the audience that Māori have huge potential to lift the New Zealand economy.

“Māori are a young and growing population who will form a large part of our future workforce. Māori control over $15 billion in assets, with significant land holdings, and are diversifying in to other high value sectors,” Bridges says.

“Investors are interested in partnering with Māori, and global consumers are interested in their intergenerational outlook and underpinning cultural values of taking care of people, building strong relationships, and looking after the environment.

“The Māori Economy Investor Guide will help investors understand the Māori economy, culture and people.  It offers insights as to how and where potential investors can engage with Māori enterprises, embrace the distinctive global advantages of the Māori economy, and forge strong partnerships for the future,” he said in a statement.

Produced by KPMG, the Māori Economy Investor Guide was funded by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment as part of their commitment to He kai kei aku ringa – the Crown-Māori Economic Growth Partnership.

The Guide can be found at


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